Honorable Mentions

Tacklife jigsaw 570 W : with a cutting depth of 65 mm for wood, and 8 mm for metal, a bevel angle of 45 ° (in both directions), it is an ideal jigsaw for a small budget. You can adjust the speed in 6 intensities depending on the materials you need to work.

Brüder Mannesmann 12782 800 W : another competitively priced machine is the Mannesmann jigsaw, which offers good features. With a power of 800 W, a laser guide, a pendulum movement, a cutting depth of 65 mm in the wood, it is a machine that can follow you in your daily small crafts. But note that it works with a screw clamping system …

Bosch Expert PST 1000 PEL : for DIYers who already appreciate the Bosch Easy PST 650 and wish to upgrade to a higher level machine, you can trust the Bosch Expert (650 W, and a depth of cut in the wood of 100 mm). This jigsaw is supplied in a box with 6 blades. It is equipped with an electronic speed variator. The CutControl cutting guide and the PowerLight system give you good visibility on the area to be worked.

Makita 4351FCTJ 720 W : it is a machine that allows you to tinker comfortably with a lighting function, an anti-vibration system, 5 speed ranges, and which has a pendulum movement with 3 positions … A machine all indeed correct for its price!

Metabo 590 W : With a power of 590 W, a reasonable weight of 2 kg, a marking guide (laser beam), a cutting depth of 80 mm in the wood, it is a machine that offers a good quality- price. Metabo is a reputable German company with 2,000 employees, 25 subsidiaries and more than 700 patents and industrial property rights.