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5 Reasons Why Workplace Flu Shots Protect Business Viability

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Staff members who contract the flu will directly or indirectly impact the performance of a business.

This annual tradition should come as no surprise for domestic enterprises who have the resources and awareness to act on the problem before it manifests any further.

During the April to May window across autumn where influenza commonly spreads between people, organisations will schedule workplace flu shots.

Despite acting as a short-term inconvenience, these initiatives prove incredibly effective.

We will detail why this is the case as well as their capacity to protect the viability of the business.


Reduces Absentee Rate

Business viability can be judged on a number of different metrics, but the application of workplace flu shots has a direct correlation with reducing the rate of absentees. With common cold symptoms persisting for at least 3 days, colleagues know that operating in busy spaces will only hamper their health further and decide to remain at home to boost their recovery. By coalescing people from all departments, everyone will be immunised with the same treatment on the day. Infection rates will diminish and the contagious illness won’t be able to spread.


Improving Flu Season Awareness


Whether directly or indirectly, participants who sign up to programs of workplace flu shots have a greater awareness about the risks that are evident at this time of year. These experienced medical outlets have nurses that will speak with participants in group settings and through one-on-one consultations. They will advise participants on behaviours to engage with, types of activities that will improve their health and staying alter to the danger signs. Especially in highly populated areas during the April to May window, men and women need to be mindful about steps they can take to avoid suffering from the flu – strategies that will be helpful before and after immunisation.


Lowering Operational Costs

Businesses will have to invest financially to have workplace flu shots overseen at their site, but across a majority of cases this maneuver will actually lower operational costs. Enterprises that try and react to individuals suffering from influenza are forced to pay sick leave entitlements and compensation, leaving the company either understaffed or under qualified to handle important facets of the organisation. There is a clear drop in performance and the business will usually incur a financial burden during this April to May period.


Higher Productivity Rate

Men and women who feel good will work to their optimum level. This fact is often overlooked and undervalued within commercial settings, but the ability to avoid a season where coughing, sneezing, fatigue, joint pain and headaches is prevalent is a major benefit for domestic enterprises. Embracing workplace flu shots is now viewed as a commonsense solution to addressing rates of productivity, investing in the wellbeing of staff and supporting their needs during a tumultuous time.


Promoting Workplace Health & Safety

Being a conscious business enterprise can seem like an ambiguous target for many. Ultimately this is a discussion that points to a quality workplace culture where participants are accountable and high standards are upheld. This will link all elements of the organisation, from the junior staff to the upper hierarchy, from the warehouse floor to the boardroom. By engaging in programs that provide workplace flu shots, commercial entities offer a tangible demonstration that they recognise the inherent threat that emerges during flu season and the community is willing to take proactive steps to protect its most valuable asset – the worker.


The risks increase exponentially when companies decide that workplace flu shots are too much of an inconvenience. The results speak for themselves as companies large and small decide to take the necessary steps to investing in these programs, protecting their viability and reducing a very real problem.