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Carbon Planet Limited

Carbon Planet Limited is a global carbon management and origination company. With a thriving presence in Australia, the UK and Canada, Carbon Planet's mission is to enable every individual and organisation on the planet to eliminate their climate change impact.

Carbon Planet offers individuals and organisations alike the opportunity to remove their impact on global warming through comprehensive carbon emissions assessment, and targeted emissions reduction strategies.

In 2008, Carbon Planet's operation and services were certified Greenhouse Friendly by the Australian Government's Department of Climate Change; the first carbon management company in Australia to receive such certification.

Carbon Planet's team of engineers, scientists and business analysts brings together scientific expertise and business insights to deliver a broad range of carbon management services including:

Audit & Advisory: Greenhouse gas assessment, energy reduction and carbon management services.

Corporate Education: Preparing corporate stakeholders for change.

Carbon Commerce: Scientific analysis and consultancy to facilitate the creation of carbon credits from valid projects, aiding business to maximise commercial opportunities.

MyCarbonPlanet: A community-focused, individual carbon emissions management and reduction service.

For more information on Carbon Planet, please visit www.carbonplanet.com or call 1300 769 931.
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Level 4, 170 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia
08 8237 9000
08 8232 9115
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