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Better Taste Organics Featured

Chickens as they should taste now available in SA! Retail enquiries welcome.

As of August 2005, Better Taste Organics became South Australia's first and only distributor of FRESH CERTIFIED ORGANIC FREE RANGE CHICKENS.

This totally new Adelaide-based enterprise, Better Taste Organics, is focused on providing quality poultry to consumers in South Australia. It is a family-owned business. The concept has come from twenty-plus years experience in the poultry industry.

The chickens are from Inglewood Farms and are certified organic free-range chickens, available via retail outlets in South Australia. These chickens are fed on only certified organic feed, which contains no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Inglewood Farms certified organic chickens are raised naturally among the gentle valleys at the southern edge of the Darling Downs between Warwick and Goondiwindi in Queensland. They are free to roam in fresh air and sunshine with access to as much organic grain as they desire.

There are over 30 retailers in South Australia now stocking these tasty chickens and this list is growing all the time. Better Taste Organics is passionate about their product, enthusing that 'consumers are now keen to look at healthier alternatives to supermarket poultry and we know ours are the best. Once you've tried a certified organic free range chicken you'll never go back. Better Life. Better Taste.'

Background to Better Taste Organics

Better Taste Organics is a South Australian family-owned business with Frank Turtur and cousin Domic Caputo.

We started in the poultry business in 1985 and what we don't know about poultry isn't worth knowing. Frank Turtur's other related business, Vegas Fresh Free Range and Organic Poultry, has been in Adelaide's famous Central Market at Stall 62 for over 21 years.

A visit to 'VEGAS' is an essential part of a visit to the Central Market. The business has achieved much of its success via its concentrated focus on hormone-free and chemical-free poultry portions and moving with the changes in the poultry industry. We have seen the chicken industry go from conventional 'supermarket' chicken to free range chicken and now Certified Organic Free Range chickens.

For more information and a list of SA retailers, phone 0404 828 171 or visit our website. Better Life. Better Taste.
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GPO Box 662, Adelaide, SA, 5001, Australia
1300 366 158
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