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Organic Hair Care Supplies Featured

Organic and Natural Cosmetics, Herbal Hair Colours, skin, hair and nail care products. BDIH Certified Natural NO Synthetic Preservatives, Fragrances, Flavours, Colours. Looking after your health and the environment. We also supply a natural pet care product, Magic Ointment.


Logona is a company of 28 years and specialises in Organic and Natural Cosmetics. Logona is BDIH Certified with 100% disclosure of ingredients. Logona enters products every year at the BioFach (World Organic Trade Fair) The cosmetics are moist and use essential oils as fragrance. The cosmetic range is large and interesting. With the BDIH Certification, an agent regularly checks that the ingredients are accurate rather than leaving it to the manufacturer as happens in many other countries. Looking after your health and the environment. 

Logona Herbal Hair Colours 

Logona herbal hair colours are BDIH Certified and are plant colours only. No PPD ( phenylendiamine ), lead or chemical colours. Once established with the herbal hair colour, you will notice the difference in the feel of your hair. Applying a Logona conditioner is also recommended as the Logona conditioners have no PVP ( a type of plastic in most commercial hair and cosmetics products ). 

Sante Nail Polish Remover 

Sante Nail Polish Remover is a good option if you are wearing nail polish. It is BDIH Certified and has little smell to it, offering Nail Technicians etc. a non toxic product rather than a toxic one. Why would you not use it? 

Whilst our nail polish is not BDIH Certified, it has no Formaldehyde, Toluene or Phalates. Environmentally very friendly. 

Sante Hair Gel 

Sante Hair Gel is made by Logona. The Hair Gel has no PVP or synthetic Silicon. The gel will hold your hair in place and has a stiff silky feel without the feeling of uncleanliness. Sante hair gel is popular. 

Try it you will love the feel. 

Sant Homme After Shave 

Sant Homme aftershave has a light fragrance with a fresh feel. It is BDIH Certified ensuring your skin is being cared for. A complete range of Homme consists of Shave Foam, After Shave, Face Fluid, Deodorant Spray Body & Hair Shower Gel. So, Guys, look after your skin with Homme Products. 

Lava Erde Mineral Cleanser 

LavaErde is a clay cleanser without the bubbles or toxic chemicals. 

It can be used on both hair and body. The ingredient is montmorillonite clay only. I personally recommend it. 

Logona for Babies

Logona has a baby range to ensure that you look after your baby safely. Preventation is better than cure. The baby range consists of Moisture Cream, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Bath Body Oil, all BDIH Certified. 

Sante Lipstick 

Sante has a large range of lipsticks and also Lip gloss and Lip Liners. Offering Cosmetics without the toxic chemicals.

Pet Care

Magic Ointment is made from natural ingredients, was used for a rash on the dog of the owner of Organic Hair Care Supplies, and it cleared up the rash perfectly. The maker of this ointment, Jean, is an interesting person who looks after animals in need and specialises in natural healing products for dogs and other creatures. Jean offers an advice service for animal health as well as further information on all dog rashes. Jean  can be contacted at Bellbowrie, Brisbane, telephone number 07 3202 8648. Magic Ointment can be purchased  on line at the Organic Hair Supplies website, as well as directly from Jean.

Ingredients: lavender, golden seal, calendula, sulfur.



We also supply a natural pet care product, Magic Ointment.
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PO Box 412, Beaudesert, QLD, 4285, Australia
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